Military Assessments

Points of Contact

Co-Lead: LTC Marv King,

Co-Lead: Dr. Lyn Arnhart (co-chair),

Description / Overview

Established: Fall 2017
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Symposium Tie: Focus Session 2: Military Assessments
Point of Contact: Co-Lead: LTC Marv King,, Co-Lead: Dr. Lyn Arnhart (co-chair),

The Assessments CoP is a group of defense professionals who write, produce, administer, or conduct analysis in support of military assessments. The CoP primarily shares information and on best practices in military assessments. Secondarily, the CoP conducts activities that improve the Doctrine, Training, and Education of Assessments. The means by which the CoP conducts these activities is through members on a voluntary basis. The CoP will seek endorsement for products by the appropriate agencies, e.g., HQDA G-8, HQAF A-9 or JS J-8, to submit into formal DoD processes to improve Doctrine, Training, and Education of Assessments.

Symposium / Special Meeting Ties

MORS Special Meeting: Improving the Professionalism of Assessments, February 2018.

MORS Symposium:

Focus Session 2: Military Assessments

Join a CoP

To join a Community of Practice, log into your MORS account and select “MORS Communities” under the “My MORS” tab. At the bottom, there is a section titled Communities of Practice.  From there you can select all communities you may be interested in.  

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