Red Teaming

Established: Spring 2018
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Symposium Tie:WG30 wargaming
WG 33 Social Science methods and applications

Points of Contact
Lead: Patricia Dexter,

Description / Overview

The Red Teaming CoP is a group of professionals who undertake critical and challenge assessments of a broad range of defence and national security problem spaces. The CoP primarily shares information and best practices across the range of red teaming activities (from traditional red/blue activities through to non-traditional and adaptive policy and decision maker support activities), as well as processes, analytical models and tools, and lessons learned. The CoP in its early stages seeks to collaborate on developing a common language and definitions for all forms of red teaming to enable consistent clear communication and application across the international community.  

MORS Symposium:
WG30 wargaming
WG 33 Social Science methods and applications