Growth Through Professional Development and Continuing Education

MORS is dedicated to advancing the OR profession and supporting the National Security analyst through a full range of programs for students to seasoned professionals.  Our programs are designed to enhance your career, sharpen skills and offer lifelong learning opportunities. 

Recent MORS Tutorials and Courses
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8-Step Process / OR Study Plan

Methods for Effectively Assessing Knowledge in your Organization

A Practical Approach to Dynamic Programming

Agent Based Modeling and Simulation

An Introduction to the Use of Modeling and Simulation Throughout the System Life Cycle

Analyzing Combat Identification

Antisubmarine Warfare in World War I

Best Practices for Developing Scenarios for Strong Study Foundations

Bringing Top Quality Simulation Capability onto the Desktops of the Decision Makers

Cost vs Risk in Defense Portfolios

Database Design in 7 Easy Steps

Effective Problem Definition

Efficient System-Level Cost Estimation Using Process-Based Modeling

Exploring the Changing Environment for Software Estimation

Fundamentals of Wargaming: Drive on METZ

Guidelines for Spreadsheet Design and Construction

How to Define the Problem

How to Model for Fun and Profit

How to Validate Your Models and Simulations

Human Behavior and Performance (HBP) in Military Operations

Introduction to Analysis for Practitioners

Introduction to Analysis for Study Leaders

Introduction to Wings on War: The World War I Air Combat Wargame

Leading Distributed Team / Virtual Meetings

Linear and Nonlinear Programming

Matching Problem Solving Techniques

Metrics and Return on Investment for Modeling and Simulation Systems

Modeling and Simulation Support to Military Analysis and Wargaming

Modern Air Power Wargame: An Introduction to Air Power Campaign Planning and Execution

No "Average" ORSA Practice

Optimization, Simulation or Both - Selecting the Appropriate Approach

Optimized Sensitivity Analysis (OptSA) for Defense Simulations

Part 1: Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE)

Part 2: Design of Experiments (DOE) for Real World Problems

Presenting Analysis to Senior Leaders

Sc!21o in a Box: Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Amplification

Soft Skills Workshop Real-World Skills for Analysts

Stochastic Optimization

The Challenges of Modeling Irregular Warfare, Counterinsurgency, and Peace Support Operations

Tutorial and Overview of Agent-based Modeling and Simulation and Complex Adaptive Systems

US and Partner Nation Deployed OR Analyst Selection and Training

Visual Data Analysis

Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis

Wings of War Air Combat Wargame I

Wings of War Air Combat Wargame II

Wings on War: Wargame Rehearsal

Agent-Based Simulation for Military Decision Making

Bauman's Inferno: The Divine Comedy of Analysis Quality

What ORSAs Do and Why They Do It

Transforming US Army Supply Chains: Management Innovation in DoD for Improved Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost-Effective Global Operations

A Century of Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School

Root Cause Analysis: Tools of Lean Six Sigma

Survey Data in Support of Irregular Warfare: Important Analytic Considerations

Irregular Warfare Wargame Development: Insurgency Theory as Applied to the Algernon Wargame

Analysis of Alternatives: Statute Policy Recent Practices

Development Planning Tutorial

Program Risk Management

Dynamic Network Analysis to Support Targeting Applications

Bayesian Networks in Support of Intelligence Analysis

How to Lead a MORS Special Meeting

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Anti-Submarine Warfare Strategy:  Hunting Hunters versus Saving Ships

Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments for Real World Problems

Introduction to Wargaming: An Operations Research Approach

Lessons from the History of Wargaming

Microsoft Visual Basic Applications

Overview of MORS and the 78th MORS Symposium

Stochastic Optimization

Two Tough Topics:  Creating Measures of Merit, Constricting Structured Surveys

Perspectives on DOD Analysis

Red and Blue Teams: Critical Infrastructure from Intelligent Adversaries and Worst-Case Disruptions

Risk and Risk Management

Value-Focused Thinking

Key Components of a Successful Career

Marketing Yourself - Updating your Analytical Skills

The Importance of Mentorship and Networking

A Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Capability for Cyber Analysis

Analysis of Access Control Policies Using the Schematic Protection Model (SPM)

Assessing Mission Assurance and System Resilience in the Presence of an Intelligent Adversary: Contrasting Approaches and Case Studies in Infrastructure Defense

Considering Social Network Analysis in the Cyber Domain

Efficient Modeling and Simulation Using Design of Experiment

How to Assess the Importance of Critical Infrastructure and Make Defensive Investments:  A Game Theoretic Perspective

Modeling Dynamic Systems for Rapid Decision Making

Systems Engineering for the Joint Capabilities Integration Development System

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Design of Experiments (DOE) Tutorial and Overview

Crime Analysis Tech to Forecast Insurgent Attacks in Iraq-Afghanistan

Fundamentals of Wargaming: An Operations Research Approach

Applying a Multi-Disc Approach to the M&S of Military C2

Attacker-Defender Models for Infrastructure Networks

Making Excel Think:  AI in Excel for Decision Making

Design of Experiments (DOE) for Real World Problems

PERT/CPM A Quick and Simple Critical Path Solution Heuristic

Sun Tzu and Terrorism

Agent-Based Simulation: A New Approach to Systems Modeling

Design of Experiments: Orthogonality Over-Rated!

Design of Experiments for Simulation Modeling

Integer Formulations & Solutions to Magic Squares and Other Games

Analysis of a HE Laser Concept in a River Crossing Scenario

Root Cause Analysis: Tools of Lean Six Sigma

Africa Analytic Baseline Study Wargame

Bauman’s Inferno—The Divine Comedy of Analysis Quality

Delivery Accuracy and Target Location Error

Operations Analysis Software Toolkit: an Excel Add-In

Confidence Interval Methodology for Ratio Means

Tech for making Ethnographic Data More Reliable

Social Science in HD

Lessons from the History of Wargaming