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 Advancing Campaign Analytics Out Brief Slides

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Workshop Overview

Terms of Reference document as of 10 September.

Objective; to update the community on advances in campaign analytics and to foster collaboration on enhancing the tools, techniques, and procedures used by the national security community to inform joint strategic and operational decisions. This includes (1) exploring opportunities to make campaign analysis more agile, relevant, and responsive, (2) credibly incorporating non-kinetic effects, such as cyber-attacks and information warfare, across the physical domains, (3) addressing challenges to workforce development and continual education, (4) integrating advances in high performance computing and computational methods, and (5) leveraging capabilities used by practitioners in other analytic disciplines. 

The Advancing Campaign Analytics special meeting encompasses operations analysis and computational tools, techniques, and associated architectures that support quantitative analysis of operational plans developed in the deliberate planning process, joint force net assessments, and programmatic decisions made within the Department of Defense.   Additionally, this special meeting will explore opportunities to further the state-of-the-practice.  For example, current modeling techniques are well suited to examine traditional forms of kinetic warfare. However, credibly incorporating non-kinetic effects such as offensive cyber operations remains elusive.  In addition, innovations in computational speed, network architectures, and data analytics suggest opportunities to substantially reduce the time and cost of campaign analysis studies, reveal insights that were previously difficult for analysts to detect, and improve the testing and vetting of the study.  Consequently, the resulting recommendations, insights, and risk assessments will be more useful to leadership.

The discussions will focus on the following five broad topic areas and under lying subjects. 

  • Representing emergent warfighting capabilities
  • Advances in computational capabilities
  • Relationship to other analytic tools
  • Warfare modeling
  • Workforce development and training

Confirmed Speakers and Agenda

View or download full Agenda as of 15 November.


Keynote Speaker:

The Honorable Robert O. Work, Distinguished Senior Fellow for Defense and National Security, CNAS; Owner, TeamWork, LLC.; former Deputy Secretary of Defense. Link to bio.


Participation in the Workshop, allows you to attend Monday tutorials at no charge. View or download full tutorial abstracts

  • STORM Overview, Mr. Tim Stacy, A9
  • JICM Overview, Mr. Ron Trees and Ms. Jennifer Kavanagh, RAND
  • Wargaming for Campaign Analysis, LTC Geoff Keillor, CAA
  • Modeling Cyber Effects in Campaign Analysis, MAJ McCarthy, CAA
  • Application of Data Analytics to Campaign Analysis, Mr. Shane Brucker, A9


  • WG 1: Campaign Analysis in DoD and Industry
    Chair: Tim Stacy, Air Force A9; timothy.e.stacy2.civ@mail.mil
  • WG 2: Inputs to Campaign Analysis
    Chair: Rich Perry, SAIC; richard.l.perry@saic.com
  • WG 3: The Fidelity vs. Responsiveness Tradeoff in Campaign Analysis
    Chair: Shane Brucker, Air Force A9; shane.e.brucker.civ@mail.mil
  • WG 4: Representing New Technologies and Capabilities in Campaign Analysis
    Chair: Al Sweetser, IDA; wsweetse@ida.org
  • WG 5: Applying Computer Technology Advances to Campaign Analysis
    Chair: Mabel Ramirez, MITLL; Mabel.Ramirez@ll.mit.edu
  • WG 6: Relationship of Campaign Analysis to Wargaming and Experimentation
    Chair: Mike Lepson, NWDC; michael.lepson@navy.mil

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