Certificate in Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals (CSAP)

11-15 May, 2020
MORS Office
2111 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201


Course Overview

MORS has partnered with Virginia Tech to offer this certificate.  The MORS Certificate in Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals (CSAP) offers courses of instruction to hone the specialized skills necessary for success of the Military OR Analyst in a military/government environment or setting.

Course of Instruction Goal:  Ensure that the student has a practical understanding and means to deliver operational and meaningful information of detailed analysis conducted by the OR Analyst into actionable results.

Required Skills:
Reach/Read the Customers: Skill to establish a professional relationship, and communicate with analytics to customer to understand their problem set.

Develop/Define the Problem set: Skill to research and construct problem set in order to understand the analysis context and scope that will provide timely, useful results.

Functioning as a member/lead of a Team: Skill to participate with and lead an analytics project team.

Glean Information from Subject Matter Experts: Ability to plan and conduct individual interviews with experts to gain valid information and data needed for analysis.

Glean Information from Groups: Ability to plan and conduct group elicitation sessions with committees or other working groups to develop and assess alternatives, uncertainties, and value and risk preferences.

Communicating Results: Ability to explain the results and conclusions of the analytics process in both non-verbal and verbal delivery formats.

Conveying Worth: Talent to construct recommendations that are useful, executable, and have a solid impact, that are based in solid analytical methods and data.   

Payment Options

The "Invoice Me" option can only be used for the registration fee.  If you need assistance registering please contact Ms. Tina Yan, tina.yan@mors.org


Member          Non-Member    
 MORS Sponsor
 $2,700  $2,800
U.S. Federal Government  $2,800  $2,900
National Research Partner
(IDA Employees Only)
 $2,755  $2,850
 All Others  $2,900  $3,000


Ms. Jennifer Ferat, jennifer.ferat@mors.org or
(703) 933-9074

Ms. Tina Yan, tina.yan@mors.org or 
(703) 933-9076