Certificate in U.S. National Security Risk Analysis

No courses are currently scheduled for this topic but if you would like to set up a private course for your organization, please contact Ms. Jennifer Ferat, Director of Professional Development at jennifer.ferat@mor.org

Course Overview

MORS has partnered with Virginia Tech to offer this certificate.  The purpose of the Certificate in U.S. National Security Risk Analysis is to help the students understand basic concepts of risk as it relates to U.S. National Security by teaching quantitative risk evaluation, the process to build probability models, compute the value of information, exploration of several standard tools and methods and to survey best practices for communicating risk.

The overarching purpose of the CoP is to enhance the quality of risk analysis used to inform U.S. National Security decision making by providing CoP members a forum for:

  • Increasing the awareness of CoP participants of current national security risk analysis methods and approaches, their strengths and weaknesses in the context of various applications,
  • Identifying, documenting and sharing among CoP participants national security risk analysis best practices regarding analytical resources including methods, approaches, models, data sources, etc., 
  • Identifying national security risk analysis capability shortfalls, suggesting possible mitigations, and, or raising the awareness of appropriate U.S. National Security establishment and, or other leadership of national security risk analysis areas in need of research and, or new knowledge,
  • Establishing a mutually supportive collaborative network of national security risk analysis professionals.

Course Fees

  MORS Member          Non-Member    
MORS Sponsor  $2,700  $2,800
U.S. Federal Government  $2,800  $2,900
 All Others  $2,900  $3,000


Ms. Jennifer Ferat at jennifer.ferat@mors.org or
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Ms. Tina Yan at tina.yan@mors.org or
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