How Risk Assessments Inform National Security Decision Making

How Risk Assessments Inform National Security Decision Making,14-17 October 2014 hled at the DoD Mark Center in Alexandria, VA.  This workshop sponsored by the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) and the Security Analysis and Risk Management Association (SARMA) enabled participants a better understanding of how risk is used to inform national security decisions throughout the government including many applications in the Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) and the Department of Defense DoD).  Key participants included the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities as well as practitioners from industry and academia.  

The workshop provided participants with a better understanding of the different ways risk analysis is used to support decisions across the US government with an emphasis on:

  • Understanding existing risk analysis methods and how they are used, including the relationships among the various methods with guidance on when to use each method.  
  •  Insights into best practices, limitations and lessons learned.
  • Deep dives into global logistics supply chain risk, product integrity risk.
  •  How risk is used to support the national intelligence mission set.  
The plenary was an unclassified session and the Working Groups took place at the Unclassified, Secret and higher levels.  The meeting was open to US and “Five-Eye” citizens.  Attendees without a clearance are welcome to attend the unclassified sessions as indicated below.

Working Group (breakout sessions) include: 

  • WG 1: Portfolio Risk Management (by invitation only – special clearance required)
  • WG 2: Risk Analysis in Product Integrity for Acquisition (Secret)
  • WG 3: Logistics Supply Chain Risk (unclassified)
  • WG 4: Risk Analysis in Support of National Security Decision Making (unclassified)

Event Photos