17-20 October 2016

Institute for Defense Analyses

Alexandria, VA

Chair:  CDR Phillip Pournelle; Phillip.e.Pournelle.mil@mail.mil

Featuring a Keynote Address from Mr. Robert O. Work, Deputy Secretary of Defense

This meeting will provide a forum for presentations, demonstrations and discussions on wargaming within the National Security Community. A wargame is a dynamic representation of conflict or competition in a synthetic environment, in which people make decisions and respond to the consequences of those decisions.   The Wargaming Workshop will be smaller and more focused than the Annual Symposium.  The workshop will address two important issues, how wargaming fits into the larger analytic process and how to generate wargaming capacity.  We expect participation of our allies, specifically the United Kingdom.  The facilities will enable games up to the Secret NOFORN level, but most events will be held at the unclassified level.

OSD has expressed an interest in understanding how best to employ wargaming within the larger analytic process.  DepSecDef has expressed a desire to employ wargaming to develop new concepts which can integrate new capabilities, enrich programmatic and acquisition decision processes, and inform discussions on departmental strategies.  Organizations will be given the opportunity to discuss how they currently integrate wargaming into their larger analytic process or how they aspire to do so.  The Working Group focused on this topic will then identify best practices and synthesize lessons learned from the presentations and discussions for presentation to the Plenary Group.

At the recent OSD CAPE sponsored workshop on wargaming, there was a consensus that as interest and activity in the field of wargaming has increased DoD is running into the limitations of capacity of experienced wargame professionals, wargamers (practitioners, planners and participants) and in particular wargame designers.  By focusing on execution, this workshop will begin the process of developing capacity through experiential learning.  Multiple Working Groups will run wargames to demonstrate to participants what a successful wargame looks like and help them learn from the experience.  The Workshop will further develop the community of practice and therefore produce better consumers of wargaming and better wargame participants.   Advanced analysts will learn how to run wargames by experiencing games from the inside.

The theme of this workshop will be “learn by doing.”  We will assist the department’s effort to rejuvenate wargaming by developing the art and science of wargaming as well as increasing the number of potential practitioners.


**Majority of this meeting is unclassified with some sessions reaching  Secret/ NO FORN level.**


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Wargaming Special Meeting