MORS Partners

MORS acts as a catalyst for collaboration across the operations research field and within the greater national security analysis community. To do this, we rely upon the participation of our sponsors, our members and MORS Partners and the diverse expertise they contribute to the field.

The MORS Partner Program offers valuable exposure and provides unique opportunities to develop your workforce and network and collaborate with a highly-distinguished audience of academic, industry and government professionals. By becoming a MORS Partner, your organization creates a dialogue with top industry leaders and government decision makers and gains visibility through a well-respected and independent source - MORS. Partners are a critical link in our ability to effectively advance the field.

 There are two types of MORS Partners:

Industry Partners

National Research Partners

Partner Contact

To learn more about how to become a MORS Industry or National Research Partner, contact Mr. Ron Sallerson, Director of Partner Relations at or (703) 933-9078.  

Industry Partners






National Research Partners





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